Where Would I Be Without You

Ray Barnard

Where Would I Be Without You - Ray Barnard

“Indie Soul that runs the gamut: from Old-School R&B with a modern twist to Trip-Hop with a Muscle Shoals feel – the songs have hooks, the vocals have range, and the grooves have cut – this is an Underground Soul record with remarkable skill & feel.”

  • Clark Adams – Vocals
  • Ray – Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Harmonica, Programming
  • Jeremy Johnson – Drums, Guitar
  • Marc Johnson-Pencook – Congas
  • Bridgette Kelly – Vocals
  • Erik Koskinen – Guitar, Percussion
  • Brad Mattson – Drums
  • Richard Medek – Drums
  • Emmaline Muchmore – Vocals
  • Jim Nee – Dobro, Guitar
  • Frederick Thomas – Vocals
  • Mixed by: Jared Miller
  • Additional Mixing: Erik Koskinen (4-6, 8) and Rasy (4)
  • Mastering: Bruce Templeton
  • Cover Photo: Peter Lee
  • Art Direction & Design: Eric Kloss

Thank You: Jeremy, Jared, Erik, Clark, Fred, Jim, Emmaline, Bridgette, Nancy and Howard Grauff, Chuck & Tina Anderson, Rob Luke, The P-Dig, Keith Brown, Bill Giese, Rob Coleman, Eric Kloss, Lisa Tradewell, Eric Pollard, Calvin Worthen, The Sheridan Senior Center Jam.

Where Would I Be Without You - Ray Barnard
Bartered Soul Records

Bartered Soul Records

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