Tinted Windows To the Soul

Ray Barnard & The Reverberation

Tinted Windows To the Soul - Ray Barnard & The Reverberation

“At first I thought – Sweet, a converted blue-eyed souler proclaiming his authenticity. Wrong. Thankfully, Ray Bs got his own bag. Vocally, he s drunk deep from the Bill Withers-Pops Staples well understated (and underrated). Song-wise, hes kinda Mayfield, kinda old Nashville, kinda Gamble & Huff, kinda his own deal. There s also this subtle sense of classic reggae percolating in the production. This gives it a much different slant than retro stars Sharon Jones, James Hunter, and Amy Winehouse. The clever use of horns and MPC loops adds cool neo-soul flourishes. My faves are: ‘Carolee’ and ‘Classified,’ a dense, funky, stonewall to a nosy ex-lover. I was intrigued by the protest song in reverse, Deportation Day, and loved the spooky, visceral Race with the Devil. Overall this CD is a shining jewel from out of left field.” -Joe Robbie Luke – The Roots & Funky Numbers

“This is one far out, fascinating soul record retro & mod, pretty & gritty, subtle & cinematic.” -Sweet Marie Kelly – Van Buren Record Review

  • Ray Barnard Piano, Organ, Guitar, Programming, Sampling
  • Erik Koskinen Guitar, Bass, Drums, Programming, Sampling
  • Brad Mattson Drums
  • Richard Medek Drums
  • Paul Bergen Guitar, Bass
  • John Lindberg Bass
  • Paul Manske Bass
  • Steve Murray Bass
  • Daryk Narum Horns
  • Jason Marks Horns
  • Zack Lozier Horns
  • Cynthia Johnson Backing Vocal
  • Endia Howze Backing Vocal
  • Rena Haus Backing Vocals
Tinted Windows To the Soul - Ray Barnard & The Reverberation
Bartered Soul Records

Bartered Soul Records

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