This Train Is Gainin’

The Copperheads

The Copperheads - This Train is Gainin'

“On the Bartered Soul label comes a singular roots-rock album, This Train is Gainin,’ the second LP from The Copperheads. It smokes on down the track, effortlessly carrying listeners (even those in the pop/rock congregation) through a landscape of wacked-out Nashvillian sad songs, un-easy love songs, and less-than-blessed appeals to Heaven. This Train is Gainin’ was recorded at the seriously underground studio, The Blätz Litehouse. What the album lacks in big label budget it makes up for in extraordinary songs, arrangements, and execution. The first track, ‘She Lives in Dallas,’ is extremely catchy. It evokes Dwight Yoakam, had he written a Mayberry-inspired lyric and cut the song at Stax Studios in Memphis. And while some might think covering ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ is just a cute idea, it sounds sublime—as if Gram Parsons & Carole King teamed up to pen it especially for the Copperheads.” -FYE

The Copperheads - This Train is Gainin'
Bartered Soul Records

Bartered Soul Records

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