Ray Barnard

Ray Barnard Radicalized

Radicalized is my fourth solo LP. Like the others, I produced Radicalized and performed much of it, but also did several live sessions at Jeremy Johnson’s Barking Jack studio and Greg Schutte’s Boom Island studio.

After the reggae-tinged When The Sun Goes Down lp, I went for a more modern R&B sound on this one (with the exception of the title track which uses a hard driving steppers beat). Got a little jazzier, too, partly due to using Greg Schutte’s classic Fender Rhodes keyboard.

Many songs on this LP reference the current politics in this country and the pandemic lockdown we went through. I don’t piss on a particular side/ideology, but I do like to point out strangeness and absurdity – which have been bountiful & profitable.

Being a big Curtis Mayfield fan, I finally used my higher register for at least half of these songs. The album opener The Fix Is In is a good example.

  • Ray keys, bass, guitar, chromonica, trumpet, production
  • Jeremy Johnson drums, guitar
  • Blair Krivanek guitar
  • Nick Salisbury bass
  • Greg Schutte drums
  • Erik Koskinen guitar, bass
  • Bill Davis trombone
  • Recorded at 706 VB, Barking Jack, and Boom Island studios
  • Mastering – Bruce Templeton
  • Mixing – Jeremy Johnson, Ray, Erik Koskinen, Jared Miller

All songs © 2022 FartherAlong Songs (ASCAP)

Ray Barnard Radicalized
Bartered Soul Records

Bartered Soul Records

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